Step-by-step guide to Invisalign and how it works

Step-by-step guide to Invisalign and how it works

Used to treat irregularities in the alignment of teeth, Invisalign is a discreet, painless and invisible way to straighten teeth using a series of custom-made, virtually undetectable aligners. Invisalign is available at selected Bupa Dental Centres.

24 thoughts on “Step-by-step guide to Invisalign and how it works”

  1. Ashleigh Piccinino

    Sorry, but this video is only a slideshow. Where is the audio? I am a potential user who is blind, so I need the audio as well.

  2. I’m mad, I got invisilign today and they are so low quality and uncomfortable, they don’t stay onto my 4 back teeth top bottom left or right and they are constantly giving me tooth aches, never have I ever been closest tears just by having somthing in my mouth. This is a terrible product that dosent work, dosent fit snug around your teeth, low quality, and also painful. The little nuges they put on your teeth to hold the invisilign in place just don’t work, they brake and just make the invisilign fall off and you have to put then back in ever 3-6 mins. Please I beg of you just get braces, I’m going to switch to braces next week because these are just awfull, they also aren’t ANYTHING like the picture, they have nuges and bumps just like braces eccept braces don’t build up saliva and make your breath smell bad. It is not worth the time, effort, or money for invisilign, just get braces it’s worth it.

  3. They forget to mention the buttons your teeth still get placed on. If you are planning on getting them just DONT they are same price as traditional braces and see better results with wires. it’s so stressful keeping up with trays and avoiding the removing for too long if u love to eat or have a meal plan its hard to keep em in u have to constantly remove em.

  4. Sean Henderson

    I was thinking about getting some Invisalign in the future even though my teeth are pretty straight. In the back of my teeth could be a little straighter. My teeth could become great to awesome.

  5. I’ll give you some tips.

    1- Best relief is keeping ice cold water in your mouth specificaly wherever is most itchy. Huge relief!!!

    2- Pick a side and pull them out from the inner-side of your mouth on your wisdom teeth, and it easily peels off of your teeth.

    3- Try to keep ur upper and lower jaw seperated, the less ur trays touch each other, the less u feel ur teeth. I know it is kind of tough but by biting ur trays u make ur teeth and gum more alert and sensitive against pain. Not letting ur trays touch each other helps pretending that they r not there.

    4- In my case, on the 4th day (after the 3rd day of teeth, jaw and head aches) I realized it started to cause more pain to not to have them on. So try to keep them on as long as u can.

    5- Don’t try to give your teeth a moment of relief by taking your trays out even for one second because your teeth lean more on going to where they were rather than stay where they r. So you would cause urself longer periods of pain in return of a second of relief.

    Peace ✌️ I hope ur experience is less painful and annoying than mine.

    1. @Rudwaan you didn’t put them on, yet. Did you? They r not sharp like ur original teeth. So you wouldn’t be able to eat with ur trays on.

  6. Don’t like the aligners & haven’t gotten used to them yet. They feel thick & clumpy in my mouth & make it hard for me to enunciate my words when speaking. I’m on Tray 20 out of 29. Its been difficult wearing them. Just not the product for me.

  7. uhmm when I had to get impressions for my teeth when I got my invisalign a few months ago they didn’t put that stuff in my mouth. instead, they just took pictures of it lol.

  8. Zulekha Pirzada

    I just got Invisalign yesterday. I had no idea there was gonna be tabs on my teeth 😭 so far it feels super tight, and my gums hurt..idk how I’m gonna get used to this. It’s also really difficult to take it out every time I want to eat 😭

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