Starting Invisalign Treatment: Placing Attachments and Fitting Tray #1

Starting Invisalign Treatment: Placing Attachments and Fitting Tray #1

This video shows step-by-step how we place Invisalign attachments and fit the first tray.

37 thoughts on “Starting Invisalign Treatment: Placing Attachments and Fitting Tray #1”

  1. Nishikant Sallam

    What if the teeths are in too much bad condition so in that case can this Invisalign work or we have to use braces

  2. Wow but why does she need 17 Trays ?! Damn I only need 14 and my teeth are way more crooked than hers (overbite, crossbite and narrow teeth)

    1. I need 12…..and yeah mines ..lower teeth need a lot more apparent work than hers…I was wondering same…..are you done with your treatment?

    1. Punam Verma
      get a job if you don’t have one already and dedicate saving for it.

      Or braces, they ain’t too bad besides appearance.

    1. it hurt the first couple days but it’s working really fast! i’m currently on tray 8 and my top teeth are almost straight! but i noticed that it’s giving me a slight underbite. i used to have a perfect bite but now there are spaces on my teeth when i bite down. i’m gonna talk to my orthodontist about it on my next appointment but other than that it’s working really well!

  3. Ok serious question they are gluing the aligner to the teeth so ok like fareal has anybody lost teeth or do they think about it because when it snaps on and off it sounds like teeth are being abused i want and considering getting them very soon but i want some honest answers, Thank you all

  4. Do these types of braces have the same function as ordinary braces as I have to put braces and I want to put these type of braces

    1. @Zihan Yuan It went good! I was there for about 15 minutes and the orthodontist just stuck the invisalign buttons on. He also taught me how to take it on and off. Over the past 3 days day 1 it did not hurt until about 2 hours in and then I had to take a pain pill. Same for the 2nd day. Today (3rd day) it does not hurt but it hurts a little when I take off my invisalign. Its hard to just eat 3 meals a day with no snacks. But yeah

  5. I’m scared to get braces. So I thought. How bout Invisalign?
    But that looks scary too…..

    Edit: how long does it take to fully get them on🥺

    1. It’s not scary at all! Painless for me. Took about 30 minutes? Maybe 45 after they explain everything to you.

    2. I just got mine a few days ago. Took way longer than usual to put those attachments on, because they had to prep my teeth to make space for them to move according to my treatment plan. I assure you that It’s a painless process. However, it can feel like a chore to have to take the trays out and put them back in 3 times a day (for eating). There is soreness involved, but that’s to be expected. Best of luck.

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