MY INVISALIGN JOURNEY | PART 1: How much it costs? Does it hurt? Getting Started? | Slim Reshae

MY INVISALIGN JOURNEY | PART 1: How much it costs? Does it hurt? Getting Started? | Slim Reshae

sooooo i did a thing! my invisalign journey part 1 is here. I wanted to walk you all thru the first ‘trimester’ of my journey, its been so smooth and im excited to see my teeth shifting! if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below + until next time… xoxo, slim

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28 thoughts on “MY INVISALIGN JOURNEY | PART 1: How much it costs? Does it hurt? Getting Started? | Slim Reshae”

  1. This video felt more like a Invisalign consultation, great job Ms. Jasmin. Thank you for the energy boost and I always love to see your vivacious personality. I’m so glad you’re back and please know that we, (I), will be here watching you whilst you’re on this YouTube journey of yours… whether you’re commenting or not. Them some beautiful pearly whites darling!♥️🌹

  2. Currently waiting for my Invisalign aligners I’m so happy to start my journey. I been binge watching videos for weeks now 😃

  3. I’m glad she did this the right way. I had braces 3 times. Since I lost my retainers, my teeth shifted, so I tried one of those home kits. It pushed my teeth back and threw my bite off. So I had to go to an actual orthodontist for Invisalign.

    1. @Xxxtrddy Not yet. I’m just good at saving and budgeting. The flirts braces I got was under four thousand dollars. The home kit was around a thousand paying $99 a month. Invisalign was a little over four thousand with monthly installments.

  4. This was a really good video. Very informative! I want to fix my smile so bad but it’s so expensive. Glad you were able to finally get yours! Thanks for sharing your journey!!

  5. As you age your teeth will shift . I had Invisalign Go . Best decision ever. Invest in your health. I wish more women would. Lol, Now I’m always looking at ppl teeth😄😄😄.

  6. Did you pay the full price with or without insurance? I’m thinking about getting them to close my gap as well!! Your teeth look great btw! 💖

    1. i paid without insurance just because my dental plan at the time didn’t cover anything more than your bi annual visits

  7. Just got started on my journey about a month ago . Tomorrow’s my first 6 week appointment . My second trays had me in pain but l sucked it up & got through it . Excited to see my results at the end !!

  8. Janice Williams

    Hi you look beautiful! I am about to get this treatment and have done lots of googling lol! I read that you can’t wear lipstick with it and I see you are. How is your lipstick not smearing all over your teeth?

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