My Invisalign Experience Part 6 – Finally complete!

My Invisalign Experience Part 6 - Finally complete!

That’s it, I’m done. No more dental treatment for me.
I share with you the before & after results.
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A playlist of my updates throughout the process:
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0:00 – Introduction
0:26 – Before & After
0:45 – I didn’t NEED braces
1:13 – Healthy teeth are important
2:25 – My timeline
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45 thoughts on “My Invisalign Experience Part 6 – Finally complete!”

    1. Joshua Lewis – I’ve had a few root canals and I have many crowns, top and bottom rows. I am currently in the middle of my Invisalign procedure and already my teeth have straightened beautifully. Also, my bottom row was overcrowded and would be getting worse with age. One tooth was being pushed into a row by itself! This also has been corrected already. My dentist assured me that having crowns is not a problem.

    2. TheLegendarySlug

      @Joshua Lewis I’m only on the third tray, changing every 2 weeks so it’s still early on but already I’m seeing my bottom row come into line. Really don’t find it all that painful either.

  1. E. Castlerock

    I am currently halfway through my 15-month Invisalign procedure. My teeth already look perfect to me. In fact, at my last checkup, my dentist’s assistant thought that a couple of bottom teeth could use a tiny bit of rotating. She did a new scan of my teeth and said that even if the dentist does not agree with her assessment when he comes in to check, we can use the scan to make my retainer. That signals to me that I could be done if I choose not to do the refinement. I did agree to do it and was told to wear the current trays until my new trays are made in three or four weeks. Well, it has been six weeks and still no new trays! My question is, since I’m stuck on the same trays for six weeks and they’re not really snug anymore, are my teeth being harmed or being moved slightly out of position now? Of course, I can’t ask my dentist because he’ll claim everything is fine as he scrambles to find out where my new trays are. I’m wondering if they lost my scans or forgot to send them to Invisalign for printing up.

    1. Electric Teeth

      I appreciate your concerns. I went through a similar time period wearing the same set of trays as new ones were made for refinements. Demand for Invisalign is high at present so there may well be delays a bit longer than normal but I would have thought you would have gotten them by now.
      The trays you are using will be fine as they will be keeping the teeth in place. They will feel a a little looser as they are no longer really having to apply the pressure they once did as your teeth have moved. Now the aligner is acting as a retainer.
      I would chase your dentist for an update.

    2. E. Castlerock

      @Electric Teeth – Thank you for replying and putting my worries aside! I called my dentist twice and will call again in a day or so if I get no response.

  2. Dorothea Hill

    Thank you so much for these videos! I’m about to make the leap myself, and perhaps I’m in a similar position to you – early/mid 30s, no functional or health issues with my teeth, just a brit with British teeth (never had braces as a kid and slightly wonky teeth). Your comments on not needing to have invisalign but wanting to go ahead anyway resonated – so one question: would you do it again, knowing the effort required? And did the pain disrupt your sleep or ability to work at all? Thanks again!

    1. Electric Teeth

      I am glad you have found the videos helpful Dorothea.
      Yes, I would do it again. I won’t lie at times they were frustrating. Just the inconvenience of taking them out for eating etc. But, it was well worth it.
      I really had very little pain and what pain I had was temporary. It’s not the same for everyone. Perhaps I am a bit more tolerant of the discomfort. The pain was worst in the first week or so. I think only once or twice did I take some painkillers just to help ease the aching. It never affected my sleep that I recall.

  3. Your teeth look great. I looked your videos right before I started treatment. Loved all of your advise.. congratulations

  4. Hey, I have a question about the period of the Invisalign .
    My dentist said it’s enough for your teeth only 14 trays about 6_7 month.
    I have only one problem for my teeth normally my teeth are straight and I have a little of overbite . But I’m worrying about the duration of treatments it seems so short for me
    Now I’m waiting my trays she ordered already.

    1. I can’t comment on the treatment time specifically but it sounds about right it only a little adjustment is needed.

  5. Help? How does your body work something out of your gums, that you can’t get to on your own, if they are always in an Invisalign tray?

    1. If you have something lodged in your gum your likely going to need to see the dentist. Your gum doesn’t tend to work these things out.

  6. Rodrigo Albuquerque

    Thank you so much. I find myself in a similar position to yours based on the initial assessment of 14 aligners for my case. It was interesting to see that in your case you had to go triple the initial time, so I’ll keep my expectations lower regarding the total treatment time. It was great watching all your videos. Congratulations for the results! Cheers

    1. Glad it has helped Rodrigo. I think I miss understood the initial time frame, so more my fault than anyone else. All the best with your journey.

  7. I’ve just got mine today. Lots of pain. I’m looking forward to 2 years from now and praying it is all worth it 🤞🏻

  8. Folorunso David

    @Electric Teeth, in your introductory video, you set out to use the Invisalign’s for just 18 weeks (3 months). Why did it end up being 18 months? Thanks.

    1. The main thing is I misunderstood the time frame. I was given 14 trays to begin with and I thought that was it. But turns out that was just the first batch of trays. 😬 The original treatment plan was estimate to be around 8 months. It ended up being a bit longer due to the pandemic and extra trays required to ‘refine’ the changes and get them looking right.

    1. The main drawbacks are your teeth can be sensitive whilst you whiten them. You generally need to try and avoid more staining food and drinks during this time if you can help it. You don’t have to continually do them, but many people will ‘top up’ their whitening once a year or so to keep them looking great.

    2. @Electric Teeth thanks for the insight. Also ordered my a sonicare 4100 becuase of your well sought out reviews. Final thing is a water flosser. Might you recommend me one? Or point me in the direction of video reviews you’ve made on them.

  9. Rafael Massao Tanaka

    Great video! I was thinking about going on a Invisalign journey as well. How did you handle the occasional night out or trip to the pub?

    1. Hi Rafael. I just took the braces out. Once in a while it is fine to go extended periods without wearing them, if you can’t really avoid it. Lets say I went out at 7pm and got back at 11pm, I didn’t notice my teeth shift during that time.

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