Invisalign Patients Before and After: Nirenblatt Orthodontics

Invisalign Patients Before and After: Nirenblatt Orthodontics

Here are two of my cases that were chosen by Invisalign to be on display at the Invisalign Doctors Summit Meeting in 2014. Watch how Invisalign treatment works.

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32 thoughts on “Invisalign Patients Before and After: Nirenblatt Orthodontics”

    1. Sarcasm. Haha. 😂 I personally chipped my incisor. As if that was not already enough, it overlaps with the one next to it slightly.

  1. I recently got Invisalign. My upper teeth are not out of place, but they are getting there. It hurts but they’re working

    1. @x12Infinite you can’t really put a price on it because it depends on how bad your teeth are, but I’m pretty sure Invisalign is more expensive than braces

  2. I was suppoed to get my first tray two weeks ago but after they placed the attactments they realised it didn’t fit and I needed to get my teeth removed first. So today I’m going to get four teeth removed (all premolars) and once my gum is healed I’ll start my first tray! I have I think 32 trays changing fortnightly.
    Edit: I started yesterday and I’ve had no discomfort with it so far, it just hurts a lot taking it in and out, mostly the top teeth.

    1. @lilly williams I would say so. For me I had the option of invisalign or braces and invisalign was about $1500 more expensive than braces. But it would vary from person to person

    2. @lilly williams for me i got spark which is kinda just a nicer version of Invisalign and they were the same price as if I got braces

  3. Moncef El Amrani

    On my 12th tray (out of a total of 22), it’s definitely working and teeth are moving in the right direction. I’ve never felt any pain, only a little bit of pressure the first 2-3 days of every new set of trays

  4. Hi my wife has a very similar situation like patient 2, we have got braces and then opted for another dentist when the dentist was attempting to file her teeth. The new dentist recommends taking of all the brackets and starting invisilign treatment. The only problem is they can’t guarantee that Invisilgn will work and that in the end she might still need filing for more space. Any advice?

    1. The bumps on the teeth are called attachments. They are what helps push or pull the teeth in specific directions with the proper amount of pressure.

  5. slushbuckets2k

    I live in south Florida , is it possible to see you once and then have the rest done in the mail? I’ve got a similar , but worse Case than example one

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