Today’s video is an update of where I am at with my Invisalign clear braces. I’m talking about how my teeth feel wobbly and I hate the attachments but all in all i’m loving wearing Invisalign and my already straighter teeth!! I am also changing to tray 8 today in this video eeek!

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Hiii, I’m Lucie! I’m a parenting and lifestyle blogger and mum to three year old Harry. Harry was born profoundly deaf and is a bilateral Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant user. You can follow our journey over on my blog


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  1. Hey Lucie, I enjoyed watching this! I’m on my fourth Invisalign trays, changing them every two weeks! Did you not get a Chewie from your dentist? I use my Chewie every day to ensure my trays are completely clicked onto my teeth – it’ll be better than using your fingers to push them on! Ask your dentist! X

  2. Love your video! I have Invisalign, started the in December last year, should be finishing next month which is really exciting! I found it difficult to take them off too with the attachments on and take them off the same way as you do haha! Please keep us updated with your journey! Xx

  3. cozytea scones

    Thank you for your videos on invisalign. I watched another video where a gentleman mentioned that when the process is over you then have to wear the invisalign braces for the rest of your life since your teeth will want to move back to original position. Is this true because that would not be good?

    1. I think you just have to wear a clear retainer at night which you usually have to do with normal braces anyway

    2. You wear a clear retainer at night time which most people who have had dental work will have to do if you don’t want your teeth to move back. It’s best practice to. In cases where severe changes are made, it’s best to get a metal fixture at the back of your teeth at the end of your treatment. Don’t worry, no one can see it unless they are looking straight into your mouth from a dentist chair lol.

      – ortho from Australia 🙂

  4. the creative explorer

    Only just started my Invisalign treatment, so it’s great to hear about your experience. Thanks!

  5. Hi- Did your wobbly teeth went back to normal? I am terrified. Because I have this massive crown on the bottom and my dentist is going to put the attachment right on that tooth and I sm scared that Invisalign will break it or that with movement crown will just fall out.

  6. Changing mine every four days only down fall is constant pain every two days 😣 they also filed my teeth but used the electric tool and cut all my gums it was bleeding for a week, however with the movement that’s happening I can actually see the gaps they made it’s quite impressive haha. On tray 7 of 70 can’t wait to finally see a change

  7. did your teeth feel wobble and kinda move back and forth if you liek pushed them a little ? and is this normal

  8. I am on my 23rd tray ( treatment is 2 yrs) and my bottom 3 teeth are wobbling…is it normal….Will the teeth fall off?!

  9. Hi…I’m on week 3 of 13, so my treatment plan isn’t very long. How long is your treatment plan…I’m sure you didn’t say ??

  10. Hi Lucie – I am so grateful to have found your channel! I got invisalign just 3 days ago and I am terrified! I have 19 attachments – which is crazy because my teeth are not that crowded! And this makes it very hard to take my aligners off! They are held on sooooo tight with the attachments. Did you find you had pain in the teeth when taking the aligners out? And did you experience saliva/water/air bubbles collecting in your aligners? I’ve watched your invisalign playlist now 😀 x

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