Invisalign & Bonding: My Experience

Invisalign & Bonding: My Experience

My experience with invisalign, and bonding for fixing a broken tooth to help anyone out there make a decision on whether to get them or not. If you would rather read about it, go to my website where I have summarized the video:

-Retainer Brite tablets:
-Dental Cleaning Case:
-Aligner Chewies:

-Canon EOS Rebel T5i:
-Canon 24mm lens:
-Boya microphone:
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. Everything was bought with my own money. Everything I say is my own opinion.

19 thoughts on “Invisalign & Bonding: My Experience”

  1. there any update about youre invisalign?can you show us a close up video without wearing those trays so we can see the progress please?thanks

    1. Hi, I actually show the end result without the trays at minute 11:28, if you pause it you can see what the final result looks like now. Thanks.

  2. I had chewies but never used them…my dentist was great never tried to sell me on things always helpful..fixed my bite and all.. how much did you pay.. sound like they can improve in some areas but your top teeth look very nice

  3. This is why I didn’t go to my dentist. I got mine from an ortho. They are highly recommended over a dentist. The technology today is amazing. I got a total of 54 trays. Change them out every week. They scanned my teeth and did a bunch of x-rays and sent it off to invisalign and wala, got all 54 trays at once. Of course I paid almost 7 thousand for mine. But everything is coming along great. Shame on your dentist for not recommending someone with experience.

    1. Ahh I should have done that, I regret it really upset they didn’t fix my bite =( after I paid so much. You got all trays at once? That is awesome! It would have saved me useless trips to the dentist just to get every tray. Hope your teeth turn out great after you are done!

  4. Samantha Cannady

    This is almost exactly how my teeth were–the front two were crooked and one of them was pretty badly chipped. I finish in two weeks and get my bonding done…I’m so excited! Your teeth are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. alice delprete

    I have a question I am at my last two trays and I also have a chipped from tooth that needs bonding, did you have it done at your regular dentist or orthodontist. Mine told me to go to my regular dentist then come back that day and he will mold for retainer and I will have next day. Does that sound right to you? What did you do regarding retainer?

    1. Sorry for the late response just saw your comment. I got everything done at my regular dentist but they “claimed” to be experts on Invisalign so not sure what the right thing to do would be, it’s been a few months so you probably got it fixed already let me know how it went!

    1. Hi! I’m 11 months late but just saw your comment! I can’t bite into an apple anymore but still eat them just have to cut it first =(

  6. Hi there! Your teeth look so good! I’ve been on Invisalign for almost 2 months with 7 day wears (I’m on tray 8). The problem I’ve experienced is yellowing of my teeth. Your teeth look so white in your after photo! What whitening procedure did you do? Opalescence? Or?

    1. Hi! I honestly don’t remember what whitening the dentist used on me. I know I’m replying months later so hope you are done with your Invisalign now and have awesome results!

  7. I would’ve paid the cost to transfer to an orthodontist. Your dentist sounds like a jerk. I do not plan to use a dentist for Invisalign. Your teeth turned out pretty though.

  8. When did you get your Vivera retainers? Was it after you had composite bonding? Did you have to wear your old aligner whilst you waited for your Vivera retainers? If, yes, did your old aligner fit after you had composite bonding?

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