Invisalign before and after 3 months! Q&A

Invisalign before and after 3 months! Q&A

Hellooo! It’s been over 3 months since I got Invisalign and I wanted to answer some questions for anyone who’s curious about my progress! Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

everything I wish I knew about Invisalign before getting them (first video):

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20 thoughts on “Invisalign before and after 3 months! Q&A”

  1. This is very helpful to me. I’m getting invisalign the first week in January. I’m wondering – do you drink tea or coffee? I’m wondering if you do, did you use a straw to drink the coffee/tea or did you just take the trays out until you finish drinking & then pop them back in afterwards? And if you did use the straw (my dentist recommends), did the trays still get a little staining?

    1. Yesss I love tea and coffee ☺️ I always took my trays out when drinking any beverages except water! You also shouldn’t drink hot stuff with your trays in because they can get damaged. It was annoying at first but you get used to it. Before putting my trays back in after drinking, I always rinsed my mouth out or brush my teeth (just in case). I’m glad this was helpful for you ❤️

  2. Thank you! I’m also having Invisalign, I started just two months ago and I’m starting to see some changes… I would love to see also pictures of the after when you finish the treatment!

  3. Do you still feel pains after you change ypure trays?Can you please make a tray and teeth hygine video and also please show us a full close up of youre teeth(from front up to sides) without wearing those trays so we can see clearly the present progress of youre teeth in close up.

    1. Yup! I’ll make sure to do that next time 😊 my teeth don’t really hurt when I switch trays anymore…maybe a little sensitivity

    1. My aunt has Invisalign too! I think mine was so short because my teeth weren’t too crooked 😮 just overcrowded & slight overbite

  4. can’t wait to see your last update! appreciate the informative videos, i have my consultation tomorrow and im sorta nervous but you’ve made me feel a little more at ease 😇 also a fellow New Yorker hehe 💕

  5. Very interesting. I’ve had Invisalign for about 2.5 months. One of my friends said that my profile and jawline has changed slightly. I don’t notice it and thought it was probably the plastic trays pushing out my lips and checks slightly but after hearing about your experience, maybe it will be permanent. Luckily, he said it’s an improvement 🙂

  6. Marion Sanders

    Now I’m nervous got clear arc definitely not invaslign which I thought I was getting didn’t know it was a different brand of clear slingers literally read invaslign at the dentist office now I have a different brand called clear arc crazy thing about it is i never heard of the brand before if I would have known it wasn’t invaslign the company wouldn’t have gotten them the dentist heard me say I wanted invaslign wish they would have said we work with a different brand called clear arc would have went to a whole different dentist

    1. beautiesfoodies

      That’s actually messed up how they didn’t clarify with you…I would be really upset. Like I’m sure you’ll be okay though since your dentist is using/recommending them! But still…wtf?? That’s shady af 😑

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