I’m BACK In My Invisalign! What Happened? Extractions Closing & Invisalign Finish Date

I'm BACK In My Invisalign! What Happened? Extractions Closing & Invisalign Finish Date

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by my video to watch my Invisalign update. I’ve been on my new Invisalign journey since April 2021 and I’m currently fixing my bit this time around. In this video I discuss everything thats been going with my teeth and the shifting of my teeth to close the extraction areas to correct my bite.
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22 thoughts on “I’m BACK In My Invisalign! What Happened? Extractions Closing & Invisalign Finish Date”

  1. Omg girl you’ve been working on your teeth for years now. I just started Invisalign in March and I have 72 trays. I have so many because of my bite issues.

  2. Darius Schroeder

    I had Invisalign June 28th 2016-November 29th 2018. Switched orthodontist. I had ceramic braces December 5th 2018-March 9th 2020. Lost my retainer in July 2020. Got a frenectomy in April 2021. Got Invisalign for the second and final time March 28th 2022-June 9th 2022. I made the mistake of not purchasing the unlimited retainer package when I got my ceramic braces off. I made sure I did that this time. I’m so happy. No more insecurities. Your smile is going to be absolutely beautiful. ♥️

    1. Ebony Painter

      They didn’t do one before I got my braces. !! Now that my gap is closed that meat is squished now!! I hate it !! Now I got to get it lasered removed .

  3. Darius Schroeder

    Yes girl! Smiling will become an addiction. You’re going to feel like a whole new person 😁

  4. I’ve been waitingggggg!!! We got our braces on around the same time, and you got your extractions a few weeks before I did. I’ve been looking forward to your progress girl


    I have had to get teeth pulled,crowns you name it now I am healing so I can get implants it seems like the older you get the more problems come with your teeth

  6. Shakiba Kalantari

    How many trays or how long did it take for the gap to close? Not considering the wait for the new sets of trays and root canal

  7. Hi, Meg! Did you have a cavity or did your braces cause you to need a root canal? I’ve read that having braces on too long can cause those problems as well. I’m considering braces but I’m so nervous about the dentist screwing it up. I had a molar removed and it threw off my bite so bad! So I wanna get braces to close the gap and correct my bite. But after seeing all the things that can go wrong with braces, I’m nervous I might waste my money and make my problems worse!

  8. OldMan Bre3zus

    I’m getting the same thing you’ve had done and I found this video and it completely put me at ease, and I love your personality

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