How to immediately stop your Invisalign PAIN

How to immediately stop your Invisalign PAIN

I show you how to immediately eliminate the pain caused by the sharp edges of your Invisalign trays rubbing on your tongue, gums and inside of mouth. This is a simple fix but please proceed with caution at your own risk.

21 thoughts on “How to immediately stop your Invisalign PAIN”

  1. Galaxy Samsung

    A lot of people say it hurts a lot; I got mine a mounth ago,and it was uncomfortable only the first 4 days,but it was totally bearable,nothing too bad,I couldn’t even call it pain,it was just a constant annoying pressure,the day 5 I stoped feeling it.That’s all.The rest of trays I don’t feel any pain,only pressure the first 10 minutes,but again,nothing bad.

  2. umbrellaedits

    mine don’t cut me or anything and the pain has been tolerable up till now but it woke me up at 5am and i can’t do this rn 😭

  3. I just got retainers and the bottom ones are so painful and it makes my gums bleed and are slightly swollen… it hurts so much I don’t want to take them off 😭

  4. Yes, Invisalign diet is real! LOL. The easiest and less worrisome way I have found to “fix” rough edges. Is to just use a nail file! 🙂

  5. Chaotic floral arrangement

    Mine are pressing into my cheeks and I tried using dental wax but it just flakes off. I put a little bit of paper towel in folded into 3 layers as support cuz I can’t take how it almost cuts my cheek

  6. Divina Kaushik

    I got mine a day first I thought it was no big deal and I’ll get through all of my 26 sets easily. But as I reached home there was an unbearable headache. I wasn’t sleepy, I wasn’t hungry that much but it wouldn’t stopp. I took a pain killer tried to sleep but couldn’t.
    See I am a foodie, and i can’t afford to skip meals so i thought I would have dinner that night and took my aligners off. I felt relief and had a good dinner but the damage came into affect the next morning. I woke up to each of my teeth hurting, i felt something was pushing them back. The chewie, didnt help me either. I had breakfast too. And even lunch and took the aligner off. The pain switches between teeth.
    Sometimes it’s on my wisdom teeth and sometimes on my molars or premolars. I try biting Witt the aligners and can feel a few spots paining miserably.

    I know I’ll get used to them but it feels unreal. It feels very weird and the feeling of not feeling ur teeth when u rub your tongue against them is annoying. It’s just plastic that i m touching.
    Right now, i am typing in pain in a hell lotta pain. But i feel we all r on the same boat eventually so no time to be wasted whining and complaining and let’s just move on.

  7. I got mine 3 days ago and it is rubbing against my cheek. It actually made a sore. I was thinking of using dental wax, but I may try this method.

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