First day with Invisalign!

First day with Invisalign!

After having my initial Invisalign consultation at Defay Orthodontics in Kaysville, UT (, my Invisalign aligners have arrived and they are ready to be put on! I had no idea that they needed to cement “attachments” to my teeth so that the aligners would stay in place!
For more information about getting started with Invisalign and things that you need to know, be sure to check out the post I wrote about it on our blog:

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  1. I’m getting mine tomorrow and this video was very helpful, I was a little anxious, I know is painful the first day but I’m getting DJS and this is the first step

    1. Fort Worth Refinishing

      I just started mine a couple days ago I recommend using a heating pad or a hot towel for the pain it really helps

  2. I had braces when I was fifteen and like you I did not wear my retainers for very long.I’m now over fifty and for the past couple of years my teeth have moved and I recently decided to get Invisalign, I go back in three weeks to get my first set and going to have the “bumps” put on, I can’t wait, watching your video gives me a better understanding of what my upcoming appointment will be like. Also, knowing the liners will not be as visible as the metal braces when I was fifteen. Thanks for the YouTube video!

  3. rich ppl dentist. when i was grade 3 i had my teeth pulled with pliers with no local anesthetic, and i ahvent been back until i was 34 yrs old to remove one of my wisdom teeth

  4. ASMR_for_entertainment

    Hey ! Just saw your video . Which is easier to speak with Invisalign or braces . I am a voice artist and would need advice . Since you’ve used both

  5. Thanks…I’m thinking about getting these. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose teeth shifted after having braces. My lower teeth look like yours, although mine are a little worse. You posted this video almost 4 years ago. How did it turn out???

  6. absoluteronncr7

    With me I had scans and X-rays on my teeth so I didn’t have to have the whole fitting process that she’s having. I just went and picked them up

  7. I did the exact same you did having braces and stopped using the retainer. I just got invisiline last week… time will tell

  8. I am getting Invisalign. I’m so so so nervous. I’m 44. I had braces when I was 12 but only on the top. I have a horrible underbite. I was always told that I needed jaw surgery to correct the bottom jaw. Now with Invisalign….the dentist is telling me I won’t need jaw surgery. Did you have any big problems with discoloration from eating/drinking? Did you have a lot of pain during any of the steps throughout having your Invisalign?

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